Goldleaf Non-Dog Communities

While we at Goldleaf Development love dogs; below are the reasons why our non-dog buildings are actually a benefit to all tenants:

  • Disturbing Neighbors – Dogs barking and running around the apartment disturbs other tenants both in the building, as well as people outside.  As one tenant recently said: “With Goldleaf Development and their other non-dog communities you do not need to watch out for dog “landmines” in the lawn. -J.
  • Animal Anxiety – Many dogs experience anxiety when left alone for many hours at a time causing them to bark, whine, and pace incessantly.  Not only is this disturbing for us humans but is also very cruel for the dog.
  • Liability – There is a risk of the animal biting other tenants or neighbors.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that dogs bite 4.7 million people a year, with 800,000 of those needing medical attention.  Dogs living in apartment buildings increase the chances of injury to all residents.
  • Allergic Reactions – Tenants may be allergic to a dog.  Knowing a dog has not lived in your new apartment is a comfort many companies cannot prove. At Goldleaf Development we can!
  • Pet Odors – Buildings that allow dogs often end up smelling unpleasant.  Accidents inside the unit or in the building common areas will happen and will cause odors. Animals that are not properly groomed or ones that get sick and vomit will cause additional unpleasant odors also.

Below are some examples of actual reviews which reinforce our decision to have our communities’ non-dog communities.

“I just read all the comments regarding “barking dogs in apartment complexes” . First, let me say I am a dog lover – but confining a dog to an apartment is not only cruel to the neighbors but extremely cruel to the pet.

I live in an apartment and after 2 months of continual barking on both sides of me they finally re-located me to the 3 story tower area of the community. Along with this move I was guaranteed there would not be any dogs within hearing distance of my unit. Things were great for 3 weeks and as luck would have it, in the 4th week along came a yaping dog directly below me- with no manners to speak of, no training from his owner and no concern as well that his barking was extremely annoying. We took all we could and finally notified management. I guess they figured the dog was more important than their paying tenants because we have since decided to give notice and vacate, leaving the community hoping to NEVER see another dog.  Since when did “dogs” become more important than people?   and pet owners — if you are going to have the pets, please take them to obedience school before you so rudely “stick” other people with their bad behavior. It’s inconsiderate.  I am listening to this dog bark his head off as I write all you hoping that you hear what I have to say and take it to heart, not as negative but a mere suggestion.”

Sandra T.


A step-up from other communities and that’s why we’re still here after 10 years

“The property is very nice, and the staff is helpful and responsive to any issues that we have. The layout of our townhouse is also very nice and the garage and downstairs area is great for an in-home office. Cutting of grass, and planting of flowers and shrubbery through the community is attractive to the eye. Those in the community are overall very nice but we have had some issues with less than desirable neighbors during our 10 years here. Turnover is moderate to average contributing to the last comment. The downsides are the general noise from the adjoining road, Ernston Road. The windows are not the required type to eliminate or reduce the noise. Insulation is average or below with a chill through the walls certainly felt in colder winter days. New property building additions has resulted in construction vehicles whose primary thoroughfare is through the main street of the property, a big problem for several months last year and again for several days this Fall and Winter. Unsure when this will be ending but has certainly been less frequent and less of an issue than in the prior year. While I like dogs, I have never owned one. Previously a no dogs allowed property, this has changed in 2016. Thankfully there have been none or very few incidents where owners have not picked up after their dog however, the early morning dog barking has become an issue as well as at other times. With owners away at work and open windows, dogs can be heard barking for what seams like endless stretches of time. For those who work from home or those who do not work the typical 9 to 5, this too is an issue. All-in-all, the property has its pluses and minuses but the minuses while getting close have still not outweighed the reasons for us first moving here and for staying the time that we have….but that spread is getting thinner.”

Robert G.


(3 star) I love the apartment layout and access to interstate.

“The apartment is nice, but you can hear the upstairs neighbors walking around all the time. The parking situation is terrible and the neighbors don’t pick up the dog poop. All the staff is very nice and always helpful. It’s a great area of town to be close to everything and that’s why we live here.”

Stephen W.


Good people, quite neighborhood, residents with pets don’t care to remove dog waste

Recommended: No

“The apartments are very old. Windows need to be replaced. They say they have a plan to do that but not sure if that would happen anytime soon! You can hear neighbors talk, The management does not seem to insist resident with pets on removing their dogs waste. It is so disgusting to see dogs poo everywhere when you step outside of ur apt. I wonder why someone needs a pet if he/she cannot take responsibility for cleaning their pets waste in public place. I dont mind living in an old apt, but hate to live where pets waste is seen everywhere. Just for this reason I cannot recommend this place to others.”

Sheri S.



“Hallways are filthy. Dogs are everywhere and bark, bark, bark. Smokers are everywhere and the cigarette smoke is constantly coming into my apartment from the outside and its disgusting. In the winter people let there dogs poop in hallway. No drop box to pay rent on time at office in complex. Not everyone has internet. I have to go out of my way to go to library to pay rent. Extremely inconvenient This is ridiculous and not customer service friendly.”

Rick B.


What can I do about my roommates dog?

“I recently signed a new lease with a new roommate for a year that brought a dog(ok with landlord) but the problem is I did not know I am allergic to the dog until after he and the pooch moved in.My doctor says I need to have the dog move out because of the allergy,it is making me cough and wheeze severely. What are my legal options if the roommate does not want to get rid of the dog.The dog sheds all the time,the roommate is never home to clean up after the dog.



* convenience to shopping and grocery. you’re walking distance and literally right across from the woodbury center where there is a ralph’s, trader joe’s, chick fila, gas station and every single bank you could possibly think of.

* location is in prime so you’ll see people out jogging and biking and kids running around. it’s safe to say it’s, well, SAFE.

* interior of the apartment is decent from the counter tops to the floor. washer and dryer included.

* it’s quiet!

* lack of parking space and the amount of visitors is absurd. almost 9 out of 10 people that come in don’t have gate access, i’m not sure if they even live here.

* pet wastes throughout the community and residents walking their dogs without leashes.

* amenities are whatever. the gym could use an update.

Janice H.


Very nice. Friendly staff.

“It’s a great place to live, but not everyone cleans up the dog poop so watch your step.”

Samantha B.


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